Batch importing w/manual or auto insert point

Hi all, I’m looking for a batch import script that will let me select a folder of files or multiple files within a folder (dwg, dxf, stp, whatever…) and either automatically insert in Rhino in a grid or linear array (preferably with option to change grid size), OR let me manually pick the insert point for each file I’m importing.

I love the ability to mass import a folder of files into Rhino by default, but if all files have same origin point then of course all geometry is just stacked in a useless mess. I’ve used Mitch’s import to layers script and it is handy but requires extra time to select and move geometry. Not pleasant when dealing with many or 100’s of imported files.

Please let me know if anyone has something already or can point me in a good direction.
Thank you!

Hi Robert- I am not sure about the grid or array part - how do you want to specify that? Insert (rather then Import) let’s you pick the location, btw.


Hi Pascal,
Insert works, just has the two extra enter keystrokes which is not bad, just not great for mass qty of files.
By grid or array, I’m referring to something similar to Mitch’s unfold multiple surfaces script, once an unfold spot has been clicked on, there is a command option to set the spacing of the unfolded surfaces, so all are layed out in nice linear array for easy further processing. Also would be great to have a dot or text object created with each insert/import that has the file name.