Batch export from a file

Does anyone has a script to batch export objects (meshes only) from a single Rhino file to separate STL files?

There are many batch export scripts around but I haven’t found this exact functionality.

Ideally it would be to specify export file name in first step, then choose export directory in second step and write files with incremental names (eg. name_001, name_002 …).

It might be worth looking at @Helvetosaur’s scripted tools for Windows and Mac:

I believe there might be an export to stl script in the new Mac Tools. The script should be pretty straightforward to test in Rhino for Windows and correct any errors if there are any.

I was about to suggest that… :slight_smile: Below is the relevant script from the collection - exports selected objects one per file with a numbering scheme. Comes with 4 preset mesh densities. It can be adjusted to taste (different naming/numbering settings, different .stl settings) if you need… The default export location if the file has been saved is the current 3dm file’s folder. Should run on Mac or Win --Mitch (3.7 KB)


Oh, I wasn’t aware there is more in MicMacTools than in MaqueTools I am using. Thanks!

Hi, is there any script or solution for OBJ files (with textures)?
Btw, thanks for your tools, wonderful.

Sorry, found it.

a bit too late but thank you for this. very useful to export large assemblies into stl files for printing.