Bake geometry from external grasshopper XML (.ghx)

Hi all,

Context: I am trying to create a human interface that lets a user select ‘blocks’ (geometry + properties) from a library of grasshopper files, changing block-specific properties and then bake it on pointed location with the right properties. When a user selects this block in the menu, a pop-up should appear with all block-specific parameters that the user can change. Currently, I’ve made the interface and a user can click on the block location, wich will bake it at this point.

To change the properties, I thought it was good to save all blocks as .ghx files. Then those xml/.ghx files can be read with an elemTree python script, all properties from this file obtained and those properties should appear in the object-specific “Properties Editor” (see figure). Then a copy should be made of the .ghx file, the user should then change the data in Properties Editor, which will change this copy. Then the object in this file should be baked with the user-defined properties.

My question concerns this last sentence, for the rest I believe must be possible, be it propbably somewhat cumbersome. So: Is it possible to bake geometry stored in an external grasshopper XML file?

Thanks in advance! I hope I explained this well.