Backward incompatibility Grasshopper components


I have worked on a grasshopper file in Rhino 6, which should be available in Rhino 5 for other users. Is there a way to save my file as an old version? Or is there a way to find the elements in my spaghetti that are not compatible?


Try this:

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The incompatibilities between R5 and R6 for the simplest components like Multiplication, Subtraction and EvalSrf create MAJOR HEADACHES if you do any real work while evaluating R6 and then choose to work on those files in R5. The error messages in R5 are useless for finding and fixing the problems. Seriously David, the lack of consideration is outrageous. Extremely frustrating and very, very rude.

I see absolutely no help at all for this problem from Pancake? :angry: