Backend API google sheets

Hi Guys,

Trying to copy one of the google sheets provided to play around with them as per your post:


But I am not sure if we have access to even make a copy:


Jonas Blazinskas

Can you try again? It looks like I didn’t set up the access rights correctly before.

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All good now thanks Mathieu, whilst on the topic of google sheets… Have you guys ever used google sheets to read and write into grasshopper files. I would like to have a central place where I could edit my grasshopper file input parameter nicknames and other data. I have been doing some research but it seems that a lot of plugins have been discontinued as well as they are not approved by you guys.


Jonas Blazinskas

In the blog-post it also says: “Developers can also check the scripts included with the Google Sheets example for additional API examples.” I however cannot access the scripts. Making a copy to my account worked just fine, but navigating to ‘Tools’ > ‘Scripts Editor’ gives me an Google error page.
Any other ways of providing me with the example scripts? Thanks very much!

…‘my bad’ The scripts CAN be opened using Safari. Some cross-domain communication going on there which the Brave Browser intercepted.

Great that you can access the scripts. These examples and the documentation can also help you to learn more about the API.