Average of 2 Curves, Tapered to End Points

Curious if it’s possible to make a curve that is averaged from 2 existing curves, like TweenCurves, except to have that curve meet one end point of each - like shown in the image.

Thank you!


Hi Neenan

This problem is caused by the opposite direction of the line.You can use the Flip command to invert the curve

Hi Naruto, thanks for the reply. I am actually trying to generate the red line in the image. Wondering if there is a command to do it. In the example, I have simply drawn it manually.

like this?

11111111.gh (7.6 KB)

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Do you know if it’s possible without grasshopper?

If not, no problem. Thank you!

Hi Justin,
you can create a surface from the two curves with _EdgeSrf or _Loft (with rebuild) and then create an interpolated curve on that surface (_InterpCrvOnSrf) from corner to corner.


Very clever!

Skilllls. Thanks Jess!