Automatize use of CurveBoolean on Self-Intersecting Polyline

Hello everyone,

  • I am using Rhino 5. If there is a solution for Rhino 6, it would also be appreciated.
  • I am not looking for scripting solutions, only command lines

To give you some contextual information:

  1. I have a text file filled with Rhino commands
  2. I am pasting this list of commands in the Rhino command line
  3. It creates a polyline
  4. Then uses PlanarSrf on this polyline to obtain the surface

However, some of my polylines are self-intersecting, and the CurveBoolean pop-up window opens everytime.

Is it possible to set PlanarSrf so that it automatically always accepts curve boolean processing?

My goal is that the user doesn’t need to click anywhere, especially since there might be dozens of self-intersecting polylines. I am only interested in the final surfaces.

PS: I thought about using CurveBoolean on my polyline first, but it also requires the user to click on the adequate surface.

Hi @gabriel.taquet

I don’t know about R5, but in R6 at least, if you run the dash-version of planarsrf with no pre-selection, the curveboolean is automatic, so: run -planarsrf, select curves, enter. Command line will tell you that self-intersecting curves was found, and that curve boolean will be used.

HTH, Jakob

EDIT: Just checked - same thing in R5!

Wasn’t aware of the command’s dash version! Works like a charm! And it will certainly be useful in the future.

Thanks @Normand