Automated Diagramming with Grasshopper Webinar - December 14th

Automated Diagramming – Driving Graphic Production with Grasshopper
Thursday, December 15, 2016
9:30 am - 11:30 am PST
Presenter: Andrew Heumann

This session will cover workflow for automating the production of high-quality graphics from Grasshopper, by manipulating Grasshopper’s graphic display, and automating screen captures and renderings, and even automatically populating design layouts, streamlining your workflow for capturing multiple views or design schemes.

About the presenter

As a Design Technology Specialist at Woods Bagot, Andrew Heumann develops custom tools and workflow for design teams across the firm. Formerly the leader of NBBJ’s Design Computation team, he has written more than 15 plug-ins for Grasshopper (“Human,” the most popular, has had more than 20,000 downloads). Andrew has created many custom tools for design teams and practices, aiding in the management of project metrics, environmental and urban analysis, and façade design.


Does anyone know if a video of this webinar is available?

Hi Louis,

This webinar was organized by the presenter himself I think. I think there was a small cost to it as well. I’d guess it did get recorded but you might have to pay a fee to access it. The best is to contact Andrew Heumann directly.

  • vanessa

Same here is it possible to get this webinar video of @andheum it’s not there in his website. And not even in wiki mcneel page. It will good to have pervious webinar videos of @andheum . And why mcneel stopped posting webinar videos in rhino tutorial vemo/website @bobmcneel

This webinar was done for the Performance.Network webinar series - it’s available for purchase here: