Automate sliders in turn

I have a number of input sliders that eventually calculate a number of outputs.

I would like to varying each input slider in turn and collect output values to allow me to chart the results.

I am aware of plugins like Ladybug and Colibri that almost allow this, however they default to charting every possible permutation - whereas I just want to vary each slider in turn.

Is there any plugin out there that does this or will I have to create my own?

If I create my own I have seen this post: which tells me how to vary the sliders - however I cannot see how I could collect results at the same time - any input would be much appreciated!

Would any of these two alternatives do? (driving the sliders not included):

// Rolf

For my purposes I ended up using the piece of code below to grab input values whilst programatically varying sliders:

GH_Path p = new GH_Path(0);
 IList stepVals = Component.Params.Input[3].VolatileData.get_Branch(p);