Audit3dmFile hangs Rhino 8

Been running for like a half hour now. OK, it’s a big file, ~400 Mb, but I’ve done those before and never had a problem…

Patience Grasshoppah…
Or send us a file and instructions.

Well, had to kill this one… Will try again and see if it repeats. I already sent in the same file for a ScriptEditor crash earlier today, will send it again if I can get consistent hangs from Audit3dmFile with it.


I let it run for more than an hour… nothing. Will send it in.


There were a couple HUGE unused block definitions in the file.

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I would have never believed that… I ran Purge, but I guess I didn’t save it after having seen that it purged “only” 2 block definitions… I thought “That can’t possibly be it.” It was.

This is not my file, somebody sent it to me for help. The point cloud was originally a block that had been made from 250K individual points (not a point cloud). I exploded the block and made a point cloud from the the points, expecting the file size would go down dramatically. But it didn’t. I didn’t consider the block definition - which still basically contains the data for those 250 thousand individual points… Oh, yeah, and the other block - it was a mesh that someone had exploded into 750K line segments. Each one a dupe. So 1.5 million lines - all in one block definition. Guess that was the bigger of the two.

However, methinks Audit3dmFile should figure this stuff out instead of hanging Rhino. That is what I was trying to use to figure out why the file was so big.

Thanks for the testing and insight. I learned something new today. :grinning:

My guess is because all of the data, buried an extra level deep in a block definition, just takes for-bloody-ever to wade through. When I tested Audit3dmFile on the original file, I let it run 10 minutes or so, and Rhino was still churning away. I don’t know if it ever would have finished, but I suspect eventually it would have.

It didn’t finish here after an hour, after which I gave up…

It might have taken many hours.