Atom listener port python arguments

Hi all,
I’ve been using the StartAtomEditorListener command on mac with great success, running scripts written in vscode and triggering rhino scripts from an external application.
My current method is this:

#external python3
import requests, json
myobj = json.dumps({"FileName":filepath})
url = 'http://localhost:8080/runpythonscriptfile'
x =, data=myobj)

where “filepath” is the path of the ironpython file I want to run in rhino.
However, I can’t find any documentation on how Rhino receives the http post request.
So I am asking here: Is there a way to add an argument to the ironpython script when run?
Maybe in a similar fashion to the shell command python arg1 arg2 ?
And respective access via sys.argv

@Alain - is this anything you can help with?

The protocol doesn’t support sending arguments like that.
Could you save them to a file and read that file from your script?

@Alain Thanks yes,
I found a workaround with sockets but reading a file might be faster.