Arturo Tedeschi uses ChatGPT, Python, And Grasshopper

Interesting article.


Maybe they should ask their magic AI oracle how to spell Python. Next level hyperbole indeed :roll_eyes:


They lost me at the enforced cookies page.


Gotta feed that AI…


The most impressive thing was the ability of the chatbot to elaborate a Python code specifically edited for the GhPython environment (es. the last code line was “a=…” a typical output of grasshopper components).

ChatGPT should never be assessed on a single output. In my tests the outputs varied from instance to instance, but most often output using the print() function if not prompted to do otherwise (which is not best practice with GhPy but a workable output if you really want to stay ‘hands off’). Not once did it end with “a=”.

In most cases, the resultant code is more likely to work when the results are not specifically edited for the GhPython environment because there is more need for precision there (for example, I got occasional results with DataTrees that were impressively close, but still not at all functional).

Some results using the prompt:

Write a script for ghPython to select from a list of input points, myPts, the one with the maximum z value.
Don’t import the ghPython module.
Don’t get the list of points.


Just because an article contains buzzwords like Phyton, it doesn’t mean it’s not about Arturo Tedeschi!
I think as long as you ask ChatGPT to add a print message emphasizing this fact, ‘Parametric Architecture’ will listen to your concerns. :wink:

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hi thanks for the comment. Just uploaded the raw script generated by Chat GPT and as you can see the last line is “a=…”

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