ArrayCrv Align Center? Is this possible?

Working with Rhino 6, PC.
I have a section of a circle, on which I would like to array a number of the same object on. I used arraycrv, which I understand, and in general it was a success. The only thing is that I would like these evenly spaced but from the center of the arc, not from one end. Is this possible?

For instance, I want 9 objects with the middle one centered, and then define spacing between them, and then I can trim the length of the arc after. My work around is to cut the arc into little pieces with the object in the middle, and then copy (and rotate) each piece.

I’ve been combing the internet for an answer to this question without success. If there is a post explaining this, please point me in that direction.


Hello - you might try Flow, with Rigid = Yes, Stretch=Yes from a set of the objects evenly spaced on a line, to the arc.



Yes! Thank you!

One more question I can’t quite figure out: How does the length of my base curve affect the margins on the target curve? In your screen shot you have a longer distance at the two ends (vs between objects). is the base curve just proportionally scaled to fit the target curve?

Hello - yes, the spacing should be just scaled.