Array of Meshes by PolyMesh Guid

I’ve created o PolyMesh out of a PolySrf in a such way:

meshes_group = rhg.Mesh.CreateFromBrep(PolySrf_Reference.Brep(), defaultMeshParams)  
polyMesh = rhg.Mesh()
for mesh in meshes_group:

Then I got the Guid of this newly created PolyMesh and got it’s reference:

PolyMesh_Reference = Rhino.DocObjects.ObjRef(PolyMesh_Guid)

How do I get Array of Meshes to be able iterate through? I know, that “meshes_group” in my example is of type Array[Mesh]. So I want to get, but kind of going back with having PolyMesh Guid…

You should probably use doc.Objects.FindGeometry(PolyMesh_Guid).

Ok, heres my code:

Mesh_Reference = sc.doc.Objects.FindGeometry(PolyMesh_Guid)
SubMesh_list = Mesh_Reference.ExplodeAtUnweldedEdges()

where SubMesh_list is an array of meshes (Array[Mesh]) which I do need
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Code isn’t really magic… (: