ARM you ready to Jump? - Part II

Most of the Apple users may already have noticed the Wind Of Change, regarding processing power and the OS. Following up on the last Thread Future of Rhino - ARM you ready to Jump? to keep a better overview, I decided to open a new topic hoping to gain a bit Feedback from the Developers and what they have concluded so far.

I am reading more and more that the performance for PRO applications would only then thrive when the the new architecture is being actually taken serious - and will be adapted properly due to significant differences in the core setup, something which seems a big advantage actually.

Of course Apple is making the transition easy for those who want to avoid immediate stress and for those having simple apps it may not be a big turn generally, but for all those relying on Pro Apps and actual performance and from my understanding Rhino for Mac has a pretty patchy and complex structure if Rhino not all together, I am assuming that all that may have become something like a Hiobs Message (probably called Job’s Message ironically)

Am I or anybody hoping to have a lightning fast Rhino being unrealistic wishing for a State of the Art Rhino, with METAL and ARM and MULTICORE and all bells and whistles Mac OS has to offer? The first Rats in the cage like those Macbooks which will be coming this fall or this year still, most likely will not be of too much interest to us and yes we still can work on our old intel macs for a few days longer, but eventually the new stuff will be coming.

So what can you guys already say, is it going to be hell? do we have to worry? Shall we rather buy a Windows computer and give it all up, or is there anything the Mac users can help with? I know that is probably a stupid question, but I dont know how else to share the compassion I have for Rhino for Mac. But in the end I dont want to bother about it too much anymore, after more than 10 years of waiting for Rhino to even just to be on par with the Windows version, I have become a bit weary… and now something like what is happening now lets me doubt even more that we will ever be riding that wave instead of running after or paddling behind it.

I mean dont feel discouraged, but I really would like to know if there is any hope at all.

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@dan can probably shed more light on this.

I’m afraid I don’t have anything to report beyond what I’ve already stated in this topic.

hi dan, can you maybe roughly estimate when you will have a rough estimate for a rough estimate that roughly estimates a rough estimate?

Are you guys at least equally hyped and thrilled as (maybe) shocked?

Having updated to a (mint) 2013 model last year (because silent and still ok) to bridge my stone age old laptop till ARM is coming, I am sitting on needles of course as probably anybody following the tech development wanting to have some of that new stuff soon, so knowing how your development will proceed is an important deciding factor for us (or at least me)

just a short note, recent rumours are actually pointing towards a macbook pro being released soon.
guys… hell is preheating its kettles!!! mahahaha :smiley:

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Some history, thoughts, briefly talks about the positive aspect of apple forcing software developers to rewrite their apps.

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i just read/saw today that apple did a lot of work in actively helping transitioning open source applications like blender etc. @John_Brock once told me apple is munks sitting in a tower, that may not be fully correct anymore, its more like a donut now, but did anything in your relation change guys?

here in the current video at about 20:20

So far there has been one patch that addressed only some linking issues with libraries. But a full port onto ARM I haven’t seen signs of in

ARM just sold to Nvidia…