Area from intersection of Mesh and plane


Is there any efficient way to compute the resulting cross section area of a closed mesh and a plane (plane, mesh plane, rectangle, plane surf, etc)?

Thank you!

Mesh | Plane? In the ‘Intersect | Mathematical’ tab.

You’ll have better luck if you supply a model with your mesh and plane but this isn’t difficult. You might get curve fragments that must be joined to get a perimeter.

I can compute the area of curves produced by the intersection (Intersection -> Mathematical -> Mesh/Plane), problem is I can get several closed curve patches which each will have its own area. Think of a hollow cylinder. Will produce 2 closed curves, outer perimeter and inner perimeter. Summing them up is not an option since it does not represent the true area of the mesh. Attached is a sample mesh. Cross section may be in any plane at any height as for illustration of the question. CR-10_heated_bed_wire_support_45_degree_v1_v1.stl (1.2 MB)

No GH model? Here’s a start. Mesh is internalized, no need for .stl file.

mesh_section (456.0 KB)

Hi Joseph, I have tried this before. It works, but main problem is performance. The boundary surface is the main performance drag. I thought there was any chance to avoid going to a surface by working directly with stl. If there is no other choice, I will work with it and be patient.

Thanks anyway for the help!

If you had posted a model, I would have not wasted my time. My bad, I know better.

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