Are you experiencing problems with the Bongo webpage?

If so, please clear your history, incl. cookies from your browser and it should start to work again.
We’ve moved the address to the new, and this can cause confusion if your browser remembers the old page.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Don’t be silly, Marika. Why would I want to clear out all my cookies and my entire history just to accommodate Bongo’s web page?

If you’d like to be helpful, how about reminding us how to go about clearing just Bongo’s history item and cookies?

On every browser, on every OS?

You don’t need to clean out your history, but it may help if you cleaned your cache.

In most browsers you can also explore where the cookies are stored on your machine and just delete the ones which have bongo3d in them.

That should leave your saved usernames intact everwhere else…