Are there any function in Rhino Python Scripting syntax to handle Ngons?

Ngons are great! thanks for adding them !

Are there any functions in Rhino Python Scripting Syntax to handle Ngons?
Or do I have to use Rhino Common?

for example rs.MeshFaceCount(meshId) returns 3 on a simple pentagon drawn via the 3DFace command.
How can I find out that these 3 faces are part of a pentagon ?

Yes, I think rhinoscriptsyntax does not currently offer ngon support.
I’ve made a request for it: RH-54939.

If you want to go though a mesh and get the visible ngons and faces as they are visible, you can use the GetNgonAndFacesEnumerable. Otherwise, the Ngons property of Mesh will help.

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