Apple Silicon, macOS Big Sur, and Rhino for Mac

Sure thing, But I was referring to if McNeel stopped developing Mac version of Rhino. In that case the market for MacRhino would die out sooner or later and then it makes no sense to teach Rhino anymore at the academy I work for. Can’t force students to all switch to win. 80% or more work on Macs.


I’m sure McNeel won’t drop us macOS users like that! I recon the licenses that would be lost to other softwares are motivation enough. It’s not like there aren’t any even free alternatives (FreeCAD, Blender, etc.).

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Wouldn’t they just run bootcamp? Or did apple stop supporting that as well?

You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about!


most of them run pretty old hardware, so that’s not an option. Also I don’t want to have the hassle to teach them that. Teaching Rhino is more than enough

Deep breaths…breath in, breath out; in, out…

Where’s @marlin when we need him… :wink:


Probably sailing. I’m admit that I’m jealous.


Funny…that was my guess. Really!

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I think that, as an user, one is totally free to advise McNeel on any subject one sees pertinent, whether it annoys you or not.

Along those lines, let others say what they want.

I will do just that, if McNeel would stop wasting resources on Rhino Mac, Rhino for Windows would be so much better. Now, more has to be wasted due to this transition. Bad news.

Now I have Macs & PCs and I develop on both system. It’s not very different because I don’t use Xcode at all (I use VS & handmade CMake on both platforms). I believe the issue is about reusing code. Middle-sized software companys suffer from it mostly, as they will judge whether it’s worthwhile to maintain two code bases. It also has an impact on out-of-maintenance 3rd-party libraries as you may imagine Rhino on ARM would have less support for various formats.

Btw it seems the Metal on Apple Silicon has some different APIs from the previous version, probably due to the new graphics architecture.

Commercially, adopting a new chip is, sort of, to control the supply chain better and unify platforms, escalating the productivity of iPad. I can imagine running Rhino ARM on my phone and I am excited about it…

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Sure, but trying to convince McNeel to stop developing for macOS, isn’t just “saying what you want”, but actively trying to make something go away for people using another OS than you!

Do you really know that much about their internal structure to determine this? Trolling much?

I get that. I suspect that many of the problems that Rhino allegedly has nowadays, stem from it being far too dependant on the Windows platform too. Once you scratch the surface a little, you quickly notice how deep these roots run.

This can not be true, at least when it comes to file support!! Blender even runs on Raspberry Pis, which technically is an ARM-based system, and there is a whole lot of supported formats.
Or look at Inkscape which supports even more formats in 2D.

In my opinion, if McNeel doesn’t manage to get Rhino working on ARM-based computers, it’s only a question of one or two generations, and they’ll be left behind for good. Not because macOS will surpass the user base of Windows, but because the current generation of youngsters now grows up with tablets that run iOS or Android, and most of them don’t even use a traditional computer anymore. As tablets and their OSes get better and better, there’s really no telling, if the traditional computer that we’re used to, is even a model of the future.
Microsoft has already lost in that division, since they don’t have a competitive mobile platform, but Rhino hasn’t. I’d plan for a fully working, no-bullshit tablet version in the next 5 to 10 years that can run on iOS and Android, and I believe that’s really sound advice!
If you think about the popularity of tablets and smartphones, it should become clear where we’re heading, and why what Apple is doing, in terms of unifying its platforms makes total sense. There’s not that much money to be made in consumer-driven desktop environments anymore. Microsoft knows that too and that’s why they’re focussing on the cloud.


How many professionals (architects, designers, engineers, 3D artists) are using iPad’s and smartphones to do their 8 -10 hours work? Even the modern graphics cards are bigger than a smartphone and need a lot of energy. Not to mention my three 27’ monitors - without them I’m blind!


No one is using tablets for productivity. There’s barely a market for android tablets. The future is convertibles which apple refuses to make. Since it would kill off off their tablets. I don’t understand why people support a company that has complete contempt for them.

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I just installed Linux on both my Mac machines. So much better! Finally I can use again my Nvidia eGPU! And the 32bit apps also. Only in one of them I still have Catalina in one partition to run RhinoMAC. I will be very pleased to have Rhino support for Linux, so I can totally switch to Linux.


Well, it’s not just that annoys me, it’s quite disrespectful to come to this community, in which there are lots of Mac users, and ask to stop development just because you think that your beloved Windows Rhino will do a bit better if McNeel drop support for Mac. And as I said, it’s not the first time

Why don’t we wait until we actually know what this new direction means in terms of development before we draw any conclusions.

Lots of them/us! An iPad is a fantastic tool for many tasks, and many professionals has adopted it. As an architect, I love it for sketching and to communicate with clients. You don’t have to use something 8 hours a day to be considered a pro tool, if you benefit of using it, that’s enough.

So true! I always think the same when I see the face of my kids when they touch the screen of my desktop computer and nothing happens. They look at me as if there would be something wrong with my computer :rofl:


Don’t take it for granted. For example, Rhino uses Autodesk’s binary to export/import FBX. If Autodesk doesn’t release an ARM version, Rhino ARM won’t be able to read/write fbx files. Besides Rhino uses binary from ArchVision to process RPC GIS files, etc.

Blender has implemented its own FBX exporter, iirc.

btw ARM Mac won’t support BootCamp, obviously.

Not very compelling. Macos won’t replace Windows in the foreseeable future. It has been trying to take over the status of Windows but so far no success. And Mac’s market share rises by 2% in the past 5 years. Revit ignored the Mac platform all the time but it’s still widely used.

Mobile computing is one another thing, though. Just as I said, I can imagine running Rhino on iPad and I’d love to. However, the change will be quickly accepted by indivdual designers, while it takes a very long time for the industry to adopt it.

A trend I witness is that devlopers are more locked onto the Mac platform. From whatever to Xcode, from OpenGL to Metal, from Obj-C to Swift. Obviously the moves have divided the dev community.

Yes, I agree…

I think José is right. It really depends on what you’re doing. The iPad is great for sketching (I use Concepts, for instance) and also for some modelling tasks (Shapr 3D) - and I’d love to have a ‘lighter’ Rhino version for iPad OS.



You are obviously completely oblivious to what’s happening around you! First of all, many architects and designers already use tablets in parts of their workflows, others don’t even use a computer. Also I was talking about the next generation, which are still children at the moment and already using tablets at school in some classes. I don’t know about you, but that’s how I got started with computers in the first place.

… you’re joking right. :smiley:

My grandpa had a convertible once, and the textile roof used to leak like a mofo! Who knows maybe the iCar will have a retractable roof though? :thinking: I hope they’re gunning for a hard top.

Tell that to all the users that were basically extorted to upgrade to Windows 10, or the folks worried about the nice backdoor Microsoft has sneaked in to spy on you. :smiley:
Seems a bit childish to me to think that any company really cares about you, only because you buy their products. It’s more them caring about you buying than anything else really.

Good for you, although I think you overpaid a little to run Linux, since it basically even runs on a toaster. I’ve seen people running NVidia eGPUs on modern Macs though. I believe you need to install the web drivers.
By the way, you basically revealed yourself as a Linux n00b, because Linux users widely prefer AMD GPUs and don’t appreciate NVidia’s closed source shenanigans. :smiley:

Probably won’t happen, as tablet Rhino won’t? :frowning:

I wouldn’t worry about Autodesk, because they have lots of programs with macOS support. Maya even runs on Linux, and does Nurbs modelling. I don’t know about the RPC GIS stuff.
If Blender has done it, so could McNeel!

Do you know this for certain? I doubt that somehow.

You might not have read correctly! :scream:

This is true, but there are many great alternatives, with even better Rhino integration than Revit has.

True, but that’s more a move away from Unix, which is unfortunate, than anything else. Even Objective-C, if I remember correctly, was introduced by NEXT (later bought by Apple) and widely seen as controversial and proprietary.
But exactly the same can be said for C#, DirectX, and VisualStudio and exactly why I stick with Python and C++. :slight_smile:

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Congratulations, this is the most stupid post I have ever seen on this forum.

And to be clear: I usually appreciate your posts very much.