Apple Silicon/M1 - No for BigSur 11.2, yes for BigSur 11.3

Have you tested against a MBP with an Intel CPU and discreet Intel GPU, or an Intel CPU and a dedicated AMD GPU?

Up to now, I couldn’t get the Pro Render to work with Rhino on my MBP (it works in Blender though). It always crashes when compiling.

Doesn’t the M1 feature an 8-core GPU or something? If the 3000 Cuda cores are only about 20x faster, the M1 still seems pretty good. :wink:

Your videos are well produced. I dig the CNC stuff.

I’d be interested to see how it performance in big rhino scenes (500+ individual breps or 1000+ meshes), how the Cycles renderer performs, if large Grasshopper definitions with lots of scribbles and groups lag a lot, etc.
I’ve attentively watched your video and apart from opening Rhino a tiny little bit snappier and the seemingly epic battery life (or low current consumption), I couldn’t really discern any difference between it and my 2016 MPB performance-wise.

The only two videos videos I’ve seem that seem to show scenarios beyond “vanilla workflows” (opening the Podcast app, opening the Calendar, modelling a cube in SketchUp, surfing in Safari, exporting a small video with Final Cut, etc.) - which by the way any modern mac can do great -, were one where a guy showed Blender stills and animation rendering, and another one showing compilation in Xcode, which seemed quite fast. The performance for Blender rendering seemed just okay though.

It’s for when you get tired of the Arctic one and want to welcome some color into your life. :wink:
After having done at least a couple of hundred ambient occlusion renderings back in the day for a lack of rendering skills, I can’t stand the look any more.