Any Solutions? Polygonal Counters, plane inset with miters, to CNC step

Hello there, dear Rhino Community!

This marks my first post on this forum, and I’ve often found the discussions here incredibly helpful. Currently, I’m faced with a challenge: tasked with creating technical drawings and production files for approximately a dozen polygonal counters.

I have models of each counter as surfaces. My objective is to inset each plane by a material thickness of 9mm and transform them into solid objects with the corresponding miters. Ultimately, I aim to generate STEP files for CNC cutting.

I’m curious if there’s a script or Grasshopper application that can streamline this process, turning it from a manual task into a more straightforward one.

I’ve attached some photos of one of the counters, highlighting the specific parts I’m aiming to extract.

I would greatly appreciate any insightful suggestions.

Best regards and a big thank you,


yes I have a (commercial) solution for this - I ll write you a Private Message. (9.6 KB)

This might get you closer towards your goal

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