Another boolean operation failed

Hi All,

I have a few objects in my scene that I want to boolean union on my main object without any success. Even performing boolean difference keeps failing and I cannot find the reason why it is happening.

Is there anyone who can check my model and point out what exactly I’m doing wrong? That would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Untitled.3dm (2.0 MB)

Hi Nick,

Your geometry contains several duplicate surfaces (and a mesh) all laid on top of each other. You need to sort through these duplicates (use select duplicates to find them) removing the copies until you have single surfaces that can then be joined into a closed polysurface. Do that and you Boolean operations will work.

Thank you for your responses MisterB and Richard,

I forgot to upload a cleaner model so pardon me for the confusion.

This is a much clearer model with all the additional objects I need to union and remove.

I am still having the same Boolean issue as any operation keeps failing,
Any tips or advice where should i focus on?

Cleanmodel.3dm (1.2 MB)

Great news, i found the solution thanks to your advice.
I had to explode my main object and then I could find the duplicate surfaces etc and I cleaned everything up. I did manage to perform all the boolean operations.

Thank you both very much lads. It took me so long but also learned a bunch of stuff!