Announcing PancakeContract - Ensure your code/script/definition works as expected

Recently I developed this and it, to some extent, provides the ability to do unit-test in GH. It provides a set of tools to test and ensure your GH definitions or written components work as expected.

It’s mainly for:

  • Those who write plugins/scripts, and need to do sort of unit-test with GH.
  • Those who share their own GH definition with others, and want to ensure the definition is used correctly.
  • Those who write complicated definitions, and need to ensure data structure in every step is expected.

The plugin supports various checks (asserts), incl. equality, same structure, same content, truthy/falsy value, validity, no error message, etc., besides the ability to fast-fail.

You can see visual feedback from the color of checks (red/green), or a centralized window indicating of test results popped up automatically when the definition includes asserting components.

The plugin doesn’t rely on Pancake and it’s still a very preliminary version. Don’t hesitate to leave a message if you find bugs or space to improve.

Food4Rhino: PancakeContract | Food4Rhino