Angle between two 3-D vectors

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’ Description:
’ Calculates the angle between two 3-D vectors.
’ Parameters:
’ v0 - [in] - the first vector.
’ v1 - [in] - the second vector.
’ Returns:
’ the angle in degrees.

Function VectorAngle(v0, v1)

Dim u0 : u0 = Rhino.VectorUnitize(v0)
Dim u1 : u1 = Rhino.VectorUnitize(v1)
Dim dot : dot = Rhino.VectorDotProduct(u0, u1)

’ Force the dot product of the two input vectors to
’ fall within the domain for inverse cosine, which
’ is -1 <= x <= 1. This will prevent runtime
’ “domain error” math exceptions.
If (dot < -1.0) Then
dot = -1.0
ElseIf (dot > 1.0) Then
dot = 1.0
End If

VectorAngle = Rhino.ToDegrees(Rhino.ACos(dot))

End Function


You could also simply use the Rhino.Geometry.Vector3d.VectorAngle method.

Perhaps [Rhino.Geometry.AngularDimension] ( is what you’re looking for. I believe you just add it to the Rhino document after instantiating it…