Alternate toggle radio button

Is there a control like this available?


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I think “Value List” does what you need:
Located at Params --> Input

Apart from that, Multiple “Boolean Toggles” can be used.

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sorry, I didn’t explain it clearly.
I mean, a button with one click to toggle between two states, and the states are visible at all times. Like a traditional on/off light switch.
Right now we have the boolean toggle with “true/false” but you have to double click it, and you can’t see the other option.

I hate double clicking and I also wish there was a single click toggle.

Since it is not available, I programmed my middle mouse button to execute a double click.

yeah, it’s just an annoyance when building a control panel / dashboard… also it would be nicer looking imo to have the labels on the right side instead of the left

That’s a great idea. I too have a long-standing problem with double-clicking toggles:

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