Almost T-Joint/Star-Joint how would you model this?


As already have been suggested a double blend seem to work fine and is superfast to produce.

A small clip I made here:



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Probably not, however, as a hot button topic, such is likely one of the most interesting, evocative, and prescient professional debates, now and into the foreseeable future .

Indeed! And NURBS still represents the gold standard, and there are people in this world with exceptional knowledge and skills at such (that’s right @Lagom I’m referring to you :wink: ) who can bang-out top-notch solutions in short-order, and are willing to give back and share the art. Bravo!

Correctamundo! A place for everything. Native addition of such inside Rhino should be win-win. It is time, if feasible, for Rhino to focus on new (or match existing/lost) modeling tools, IMO. Such can and will add value to the Swiss Army tool of - Modleing Tools for Designers. (Plugins of any value having exhibited their inherent vagrant transgressions.)

NURBS, absolutely, long live ‘em… but there should be a future place/option for the below with respect to the OPs question, which was - how to achieve in Rhino 6, with NURBS. Just sayin…

My friend who is an architectural student and asked me to model this beam was only about 3D-printing a lookalike version so no precision demanded at all.
What I was instantly trying out and very happy not to invest too much time (as I was checking a lot of approaches) was to use the Patch. This was doing the trick. thank you for participating in this discussion as I was always stumbling and avoiding this problem with different pipes coming together in one joint.

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Would have been professional conduct to include such vital information in the first place.

@Lagom too bad. Got this decision when thinking about a solution to tackle this. Wasn’t aware, just always build things in Rhino and try to result everything in perfect surfaces.

The whole topic is kind of interesting and I’m very surprised so many people being involved.

I had no problems with this, until TSplines was discontinued in R3D v6 So I’m waiting for the SubD feature in the Rhino Beta to be introduced in the full package.