Y section tube

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I am new to rhino 6 , I was trying to make a " Y Section Tube".
I have added a reference image of what I m trying to achieve.

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This topic covers it pretty well Render Rage . I have no idea why @pascal so many of the images are no longer displaying.

The easiest way: if you have Rhino 6 license, download Rhino 7 WIP and do it with SubD.

Otherwise, you can do it the hard way (Brian James made this Y-branch polysurface in Rhino 4): https://vimeo.com/3297459

… or you can buy XNurbs plugin ($295), or SuperD plugin ($550)

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@ Stratosfear
Unable to understand it. images attached are not visible.
anyways Thank you.:slightly_smiling_face:

Is this what you want?

I made this using rhino6 for windows using cylinder and fillet edge
cylinder origin 0,0,0, diameter 1, length 2, direction X-axis.
with relocate gumball widget, origin 0,0,0, X-as direction enter, Y-as direction default.
rotate, duplicate with tab, angle 120 deg.
rotate, duplicate with tab again angle 120 deg.
select the 3 cylinder, boolean union,
fillet edge, radius 1, select the edges to fillet.

update: When you want to modify the Y-tube. See the explanation of Diego and Wim Is this normal? I think a bug. update: no bug but user error

Sorry for my bad english,it is not my native language