Allign geometry to xy plane

Hello everyone,

I need to orient a couple of surfaces to de xy plane because I want them all to be alligned.

any thoughts?

I leave the file attached here with the data internalized,


The surfaces are already alligned along a curve, I need them to be plain and alligned to de x-axis.


unfold by orienting (58.5 KB)


I have to say it looks quite chaotic in there, (your geometry is somewhere near Alpha Centauris)
I tried doing what I understood you wanted: aligning the surfaces with the xy plane and putting them on a series, one next to the other.
However I didn’t manage to make all normals look up (two faces look up, all the rest look down)
I have exhausted my forum time, so I hope it is enough for you, or otherwise maybe you can take it from here…

also: usually, when we ask a question, we can ‘internalize data’ so as not to have to upload the whole definition.
(look here.) (18.0 KB)


thanks for the try man!
however, what you managed to do was already done. What I was trying to ask for is the allignment of the faces you mentioned, I would like to make all the surfaces lay in the XY plane.
thanks, happy weekend.

Start Aris time then (related with the walk to the hilly path, that is): mastermind an approach to flatten the things in exact the same relation that they have in the List (skip Jitter obviously).

You’ll find that critical for the real-life things that you are after (AEC things, not art). (24.5 KB)