Aligning freeformed symmetric closed surface

2-part question regarding aligning and rebuilding a surface:

1.) Is there a simple solution to fix the alignment of the existing closed surface of a symmetric free-formed object (see picture)? Without having to cut it and manually move the points.

2.) I use RebuildUV to reduce the points and isocurves of the surface. But that results in total redistribution all over, equally spaced over the entire object, regardless of actual details.Is there a way to preserve details?

try the matchsrf command if the surfaces are not trimmed.

try fitsrf to reduce complexity of the surface while preserving as much detail as possible

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also you can manually remove knots on exploded surfaces to preserve the details you want instead of rebuilding the surface entirely

Hello- what is ‘aligning’? Certainly (judging from the images) that surface seems vastly over defined - do the details have to be in the same surface or can they be added? It seems like maybe you are asking one surface to do too much, but it is hard to tell what the ‘details’ are?


Yeah, maybe I’m not describing the issue I’m having too well. I’ll try to explain better:
I modeled the basic free-form closed surface (at this point, the underlying spline grid was fine). But then I chose to tweak the shape with CageEdit and, as you correctly pointed out, I got this vastly over defined surface. No getting back from here, right?

Regarding the ‘details’: I’m referring to a few bumps on the surface I’d like to keep intact, but with a rebuild tool, they get a bit flattened.

Regarding the alignment: I’d like to make the object symmetrical and the central edge of the closed shape straight along the y axis.he

Right… it sounds like the CageEdit process would have benefited from ‘PreserveStructure=Yes’ which will appear as a command line argument if the object us a single surface.