Adjusting material starting point in wall instances

I have wall components with tile pattern materials applied to them.
Can I adjust the start point of the pattern differently for each wall instance?

(I imagine that by creating different material instances and either different wall types or layers (and material-by-layer) to apply each instance to each wall I could accomplish this, but it would be a lot to manage.)

Hi @djhg,

Yes, you can do it like this:

Thanks Alfonso, but if I understand this method correctly, a different material must be created for each different required offset (that’s what I’ve been calling a “starting point” ) required, and a different wall type must be created using each of the different materials. It would certainly be easier if each instance of the same wall type with the same material in the same component could have its offset adjusted individually, but I’m guessing that’s not possible.

Hi @djhg,

You don’t need to create different styles or materiales, you can just apply a different texture mapping to each wall, as you do with any Rhino object:

  • Applying the texture in each wall:

Material by object

  • Applying the texture in the wall style:

Material by style

Thanks, but this concerns a material applied only to one component of a wall.

Hi @djhg,

In that case, you can do it by applying it to the wall layer in the style:

Proyecto sin título

Yes thanks. My question is this: Is there a way to get around creating a different wall style for every wall instance requiring a different offset for the same texture on the same component.

Hi @djhg,

In my examples in this thread I always used the same wall style. You don’t need to create different wall styles to apply different texture mappings.

The problem is if you want to apply different texture mappings to different wall components inside the same wall instance. This is not possible for now, so you need to choose the same texture mapping for the whole wall instance.