Adding variation to line lengths

Hello, I am using the Grab component to crease and fold the grid using Kangaroo. I want to be able to add some variation in line length, almost like I’m stretching parts of the grid.
The Length(Line) obviously makes the lines equal even when the strength is low. Thanks (17.1 KB) (18.4 KB)

If you use the PlasticLength goal, then parts of the mesh can get permanently stretched.
I’m assuming though that you want the lines not to be able to stretch too freely though, otherwise when you pull points the surrounding vertices won’t be affected and it will just create sharp spikes.
One option shown above is to use an EqualLength goal on the 3 sides of each triangle, so they stay approximately equilateral even as their sizes change. You can also vary the strength of the smoothing depending on how crumpled you want the result to be.
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Thank you so much! That’s exactly what I want. I really appreciate it.