Adding areas of same height surfaces

How would you add the areas of surfaces at the same heights to produce one list of areas for each floor. In the example the bottom 3 floors are all joined and 274 represents the total area. The 2 towers then are seperated as they go higher. How would I add the areas of the floors that are on the same height.


Welcome @charliebanks101,

You first have to group or sort your data into the desired sub sets of data, for instance floor slabs per tower, and then you can use MA (Mass Addition) to get the total areas per tower.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

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I probably explained it poorly, but I’m not trying to group by tower but rather but floor. So horizontal vs vertical

No, as I read your first post (again), you want the total area for each floor (vertical), whether there is one floor area (“the bottom 3 floors are all joined”) or two separate areas at the same height, in the towers. My advice still applies perfectly. Had you posted your file, you would have working code by now.

Thank you for the reply, what are the expressions on the pDecon and area component. Thanks

Maybe a round(x,1)

It does help when you provide example files.