Adding a Custom Cluster to GH Python Library

Currently, in GHPython you can call different components as a function once you import ghpythonlib.components. Is it possible to add a custom cluster that I have created to this library to allow me call it as a function? The cluster component was not created as a Ghpython, but as a regular cluster with a combination of components inside. I have added this cluster as a user object

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I have been struggling to write the script in python. I saw a thread were I think similar was done about adding the cluster to a doc object in the python scripts. But I have been struggling to add input parameters. The beginning of the cluster is a contour. So the inputs are a curve, a vector and a float.

ghpythonlib.components is the equivalent of NodeInCode

so it does NOT include user objects

in short, there is likely no way to do what you’re after…