Add To Instance object

HI every one
First of all I’m New to Rhino development. :face_with_thermometer:
so I was wondering how can I add a new Sub Object of any type to an existing instance object? I’m using rhino7 and c#.

Hi @arc.feizbahr ,
you could use the InstanceDefinitionTable.ModifyGeometry() method to update the geometry of the existing InstanceDefinition

Something like this

public static bool AddToInstanceDefinition(InstanceDefinition instanceDefinition, RhinoObject rhinoObject)
            RhinoObject[] subObjects = instanceDefinition.GetObjects();

            List<GeometryBase> geometryList = subObjects.Select(x => x.Geometry).ToList();
            List<ObjectAttributes> attributesList = subObjects.Select(x => x.Attributes).ToList();


            return RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.InstanceDefinitions.ModifyGeometry(instanceDefinition.Index, geometryList, attributesList);
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Thanks @Darryl_Menezes
It works perfectly, :grinning: :grinning:
Thanks a lot…