Add third-party dll for grasshopper plugin

Is it possible to add third-party dll as reference while developing plugin for rhino5.0(64bit)? - Grasshopper (
I want to use the NetMQ package in a grasshopper plugin, it unfortunatelly does not work right now.
I guess I am missing something obvious from the documentation.

Can someone please help with this?

Thanks in advance



NetMQ example code (taken from README) added to default “ASpi” / “archimedean spiral” component’s SolveInstance method.
Also read: Load external library - Grasshopper Developer - McNeel Forum, Rhino - Your First Component (Windows) (, but they didn’t help for the problem.

Memory load is disabled in Grasshopper developer settings

Same happens when I try to use it from a C# script component (using statements are added):


Version 7 SR16
(7.16.22067.13001, 2022-03-08)


NetMQ file is not blocked

As mentioned in this post, I explicitly set the platform target to 64bit, but the result is still the same.


Here is the C# project / VS solution: (4.8 KB)

There can be multiple things:

  • is the .dll 64 bit
  • is the .dll .NET core or .NET framework
  • is the current .dll dependent on other dlls.

The issue seems to be netstandard: Azure Table Storage from C# Component - #3 by DavidRutten

I couldn’t make any zmq lib work for C#, so I’ll go for Python in combination with the Hops component:
Rhino - The Hops Component (