Add precision parameter to ON_BoundingBox::IsDisjoint method

Hi, guys =)

I’ve faced an issue, that two geometry objects (ON_ArcCurve and ON_Line) don’t intersect each other, when I do initial coarse and fast check - call ON_BoundingBox::IsDisjoint for objects bounding boxes. But in fact they just differ by 1e-08, or something like that and it is OK, when I calculate this with 0.0001 linear precision.

However, there is no way to pass this parameter to comparison in ON_BoundingBox::IsDisjoint and I need to recreate this method outside of opennurbs. I believe it worth to be added as additional parameter with default value of 0.0. I can do it by myself, but usually my pull requests to opennurbs are not considered at all =(, so I asked my question here =))

PS: Sample file with my geometry is attached to this message
CircleCutA.3dm (4.4 KB)

Hi @anthark,

I’ve logged your request.

– Dale

Great! Thanks a lot =)