Add .NET Core reference to RhinoCommon for Mac project


I’m trying to add a reference to a package that is written in .NET Core, in a RhinoCommon plug-in for Mac. I see this is not possible because RhinoCommon is built against .NET Framework 4.5, as I’ve read here.

May this be changed in a near future, to allow packages built with .NET Core?

I’m very curious to know the reason for this. I thought that .NET Framework was specific for Windows applications and .NET Core for cross-platform projects, hence RhinoCommon would be built against .NET Core.
@stevebaer says in the linked post: “Rhino loads the .NET Framework into its process and uses that to execute .NET code” If that means Rhino eventually runs .NET Core, why is there the .NET Framework layer in between?

Sorry if I missed something, I’m not very proficient with .NET.


What library are you trying to reference? RhinoCommon is compiled against .NET framework 4.5, but the Rhino executable usually runs a newer version of the framework.

I’ll send you a pm.