Add "keep objects" to intersection?

could we get that option added to the command? i think it should act like difference does. thanks

Sorry, I don’t understand.
I can’t make sense of your description.

Please describe the problem this would solve.

maybe this is a better description, i guess there is a way i could script it.



I think he wants to have an option DeleteInput=No, as found in BooleanDifference. Absent in BooleanIntersection (as well as Union).

in my use, i want to split the intersection and use them to subtract notches in the boxes.

RH-60576 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate

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@John_Brock thanks guys! appreciate it! especially when you guys take the time to follow up with the link to the closed issue. even though i do need and will use this option frequently i totally forgot about this request. :wink:

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