Accurate transfer of Rhino geometry to NX

Hi guys,

I am looking for the most accurate way of transferring the geometry from Rhino to NX (Nurbs based - not mesh).
I know that Rhino can read native format from NX, however NX cannot read native format of Rhino.

I know that IGES has some certain limitations.

Any hints?

Thank you in advance,

If NX can import IGES, I’d expect it to be able to import STEP (too).

Also, you might check with DataKit to see if they have an NX plug-in that will read Rhino files.

Using STEP from Rhino to NX is painless.

Thanks guys.

Its maybe too late now, but it can help other people seeing this topic:
Datakit offers now a plug-in to export NX (.prt) files from Rhino.
Here is the post talking about that on Rhino blog: