Accurate transfer of Rhino geometry to NX


Hi guys,

I am looking for the most accurate way of transferring the geometry from Rhino to NX (Nurbs based - not mesh).
I know that Rhino can read native format from NX, however NX cannot read native format of Rhino.

I know that IGES has some certain limitations.

Any hints?

Thank you in advance,

(Dale Fugier) #2

If NX can import IGES, I’d expect it to be able to import STEP (too).

Also, you might check with DataKit to see if they have an NX plug-in that will read Rhino files.

(Wim Dekeyser) #3

Using STEP from Rhino to NX is painless.


Thanks guys.


Its maybe too late now, but it can help other people seeing this topic:
Datakit offers now a plug-in to export NX (.prt) files from Rhino.
Here is the post talking about that on Rhino blog: