Accessing UserDictionary data in C++

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Hi guys!
I’m working on a plugin that writes various kind of data inside objects UserDictionary.
Everything is working fine: I can write and read data using the standard “key/value pair, get/set” system.
Now the unusual part.
I need another third party plugin (written in C++) to read this data.
I tried to find some sample code but what i found seems a totally different way to manage user data dictionaries… In fact seems that the “dictionaries system” don’t exist at all in C++!
Could you please help me?
Thanks a lot!

Hi @software_comas,

The ArchivableDictionary class is implemented in RhinoCommon - it is not in openNURBS. Also, unlike user text, a dictionary is not a common structure on all objects. That is, a dictionary is just custom user data that is owned by a plug-in. Basically, there is no good way to read a RhinoCommon plugin’s ArchivableDictionary, let alone other user data.

If you need to share data between C++ and RhinoCommon plug-ins, user text is certainly the easiest way.

– Dale

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