Accessing Advanced Options via runscript


Is it currently possible to access (read and change) the Advanced Options in Rhino 5 via scripting (RhinoScript, c#) ?
I am trying to modify or disable some options (Display read-only open warning) for the script runtime and restore them back once it finishes.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Possible via Python/RhinoCommon…

The specific setting you’re looking for is here:

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I found your questo very interesting.
Did you try C# in Grasshopper?

I was able to use some Rhino functions via C# in a relative simple way using Grasshopper and some plugins. But I’m not sure if you have access to that.

tell me how?

Sorry, but i need it in c#

You can access RhinoCommon with C# as far as I know. What I do not know is how to write scripts (or anything else for that matter) in C#…

the problem is , I can’t use RhinoCommon, i’m using Rhino3dmIo

No knowledge of that either, sorry…