Access to path is denied [Ivy Generator]

[The image showing the error is from the example file of Ivy-Generator]

Trying to try the Ivy-Generator, I got this error…
I then went, and created a folder named textures in my [Akash] directory.
But the error is still there…
Can this be because the path the component is searching for, is Window specific ? and if so, is there a way for me to change it to a path that will work on Mac…?

Was guessing this in the image below might be the file specifying the path…? but I’m unable to open it [Libre office say it is a corrupt file]

thanks a lot

A .pdb file is a debugging file. Looks like the generator uses Windows-specific unmanaged DLLs (vcruntime). Those will not work on MacOS.

Thanks Nathan.
I’ll abort the trying out then
, It looks very interesting this little add on …