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This is the channel for any questions and suggestions about Panther3D, the new Rhino and Grasshopper Jewelry plug-in by PANTHER TECHNOLOGIES.

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Thank you, I am looking forward to engaging in discussion.
Is this a good place to post bugs or issues or would it be better to use the feedback form on the Panther website?

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Hi Matthias, you are very welcome to start here, actually you can use both channels, maybe here it’s easier to start a new topic discussion for each issue and open to anyone else who wants to join the conversation.
Also the feedback form in our web is available, and soon will have a file upload option too: panther3d.com/feedback
Let’s start roaring :slight_smile:

Hi Panther3D,

I signed up for the demo yesterday and wanted to say that it was annoying as hell to test the software due to the limitations you have set like the ability to add only 3 ornaments. I was trying to build a fairly detailed ring and wanted to test how it’ll all update once the ring size was changed but I couldn’t do that. I also had ornaments not update when the ring size changed. For example, extracting an isocurve to place a milgrain line didn’t update. Also, adding ornaments on the sides of the ring using an extracted isocurve also didn’t update when the ring size changed. Is this a bug or Is there a specific workflow I need to follow to have history working as intended? Thanks.

Edit: I forgot to say that I’d prefer to have a fully working demo even if it’s for 24 hours than to have a 30 day demo that’s limiting my ability to decide whether your software is a good fit for me or not. My 2 cents.

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After watching your tutorial video, I figured out what the issue was with the isocurve not updating. I was extracting the curve through typing the command in the command box directly instead of using your UI. I’m guessing the grasshopper definition for the isocurve doesn’t get tied to the ring rail.

Is the shopping cart disabled on your website? I’m logged in and added the item to the cart which now shows as “3” in the top cart icon because I’ve done this 3 times already (twice in firefox and once in chrome) but when clicking on the cart to checkout, the entire webpage freezes. Is there an alternative method of purchasing?

BTW, for how long do we keep getting updates if I purchase the software this week? I’m assuming till the next major release (2.0), same way Rhino works?

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Ciao Carlos, vedo che la discussione su Panther si è arenata molto tempo fa.
Io ho guardato oggi il programma e volevo avere una valutazione da parte tua e di altri utenti.