AA_Aarhus Visiting School 2017 - August 2-11, Aarhus (Denmark)

AA_Aarhus Visiting School
August 2-11, 2017
Aarhus School of Architecture
Nørreport 20
8000 Aarhus

In its third edition in Denmark, the Aarhus Visiting School will expand on previous agendas in integrating robotic and CNC tools as part of the design and fabrication process in architecture.

The workshop is divided into two research agendas: Mesh Morphologies and Robotic Crafting.

Mesh Morphologies will focus on teaching students how to control and manipulate geometry at both local and global scale based on environmental and material input, where a digital fabrication pipeline enables a constant feedback between physical and digital models. This unit is for all levels of Grasshopper knowledge, but if you are a beginner this is the unit to choose.

Robotic Crafting will engage traditional construction techniques and tectonics systems, reinterpreting them for a digital design and fabrication paradigm. You will develop and implement fabrication processes that integrate material properties and potential feedback systems, and use the ABB IRB 6620 and 120 robots. You need an intermediate to advanced level of Grasshopper knowledge, as this unit will emphasize individual process and data design.

Prominent features of the workshop / skills developed

  • Novel modeling and parametric techniques based on local ecological factors.
  • Introduction to new fabrication techniques now prevalent in design and architecture.
  • Robotic fabrication in design.
  • Discussions on new architectural processes and theories.
  • Applying theories that are highly applicable in contemporary practice through computation.
  • A lecture series from leading researchers and theorists.

David Reeves, Tommaso Casucci, Ryan Hughes and Petras Vestas

Jens Pedersen, Ali Farzaneh

"It is the ambition of the AA__Aarhus Visiting School to develop knowledge in digital fabrication and pattern formations, which are at the forefront when it comes to the field of architecture & design.

Furthermore, the participants are to leave the Visiting School having gained new knowledge and novel skills in architectural design/make and theory, which they can continue to use in their practice or in the remaining years of their study.

We hope that through our continued work within this field, we will be able to contribute to the ongoing architectural discussion on parametrics, pattern making and fabrication."

The units are open to both professionals and students.

Registration deadline
July 20, 2017

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