A Stadium outer skin - any thoughts?

Hello everyone, Im working on an exterior skin for a small size stadium. I drew the outer curves that represent the facade as you can see here. We call them the ribs. So for this image; I used a dirty workflow using Patch Surface…

I’m not fully satisfied with the result…
The surface I managed to make looks like a soap Bubble effect, I need it to look as if it was inflated.

See this reference:

SoFi Stadium by HKS:

I know that attaching the tensile to the Ribs and inflating them will require me to use anchor points, and target anchor points, I will mmaybe also use Pull Point to drag the anchor points to the rib curves (although i tried it and it doesn’t work well, the points are not well distributed on the ribs…)

Any help would be great since i`m very short on time. I can send you the 3D model with Ribs drawn on it!


this tutorial might help

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Thanks! Managed somehow to make it work!

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