5 axis milling automation

We are interested in investigating the automation of 5 axis CAM for machining panel type geometry (auto headliners, dashboard panels, and some deep space applications).

While the geometry changes with each project the “process” is very redundant.

What CAM software do you currently use? Or are you looking to create something “from scratch”?

interesting, below is a 3-axis simulation I’ve done in Grasshopper

Currently we are using CREO for both CAD and CAM.

Interesting. If you changed the geometry would you need to create a new process or would the process automatically update to the new geometry?

Since I’m using Grasshopper to generate a toolpath, the geometry can be changed and the toolpath is updated accordingly

Martin: Can we talk on the phone? my cell is 419-575-4395

Martin: I just saw that you are in Switzerland of course different time zones. Perhaps it will be easier initially to communicate here.

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Please send me a personal message

my email is: tclark@clarkfixtures.com. That may be easier.

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