3ds export error

hi sins a few days or weeks i have a export problem i get this error i hope someone can help me out ?
greetings Peter

Hi Peter,

Can you send us the 3dm with the textures you’re trying to export? The 3ds export code uses a windows function called GetShortPathName to get an 8.3 equivalent of filenames that are not already in the 8.3 name format. However, if the result from GetShortPathName yields a name that is not 8.3, Rhino generates the error you’re seeing. I ran this through the debugger here and it works as expected so that’s why I need to see the actual files you’re trying to export to 3ds.


Hi Tim thanks for the help i made a few files
a zip file with the 3dm file.
this file is coming from different software i first model this scrub in Xfrog… after that i load it into Artlantis for some small
change …after that i export the file as obj (because i need also 1 obj and Rhino cannot export the obj correct ) …
or i am doing something wrong ?? any way i do this now for the time i have rhino with no problems.
the export obj was always a problem so i made this work around.
i realise now that i have a new computer and it possible the problems are started with my new windows 10 machine
here are the first files is did a savetim_export_as_3ds.7z (2.2 MB)
time_3dm.zip (7.6 MB)
as 3dm file i am not sure the bark is also there please let me know…and also the exported 3dm file
greetings Peter

Hi Peter,

I saw your files. I’ll look in more detail as soon as I can. The only thing I noticed offhand was the material path in the 3dm file was sort odd, like a website URL. Since I didn’t have the same local path it’s hard to tell because Rhino searches for materials in the same folder as the 3dm. I did notice that I got a different error on export about long material names. I’ll let you know when I have more info, in the meantime simplifying the paths of the materials in Rhino might help.


i just simplifying the materials names in b1 / b2 etc …also the texture i use (tif) but it makes no sense
still errors if i want to open the 3ds again it say no meshes ??
its not funny any more i hope you can help me out
greetings Peter