3D textures

The RhinoGold 3Dtextures folder contains 5 jpg files. Can you create your own there?

Hello - that would be a question for the RhinoGold developers.


Where can they be found?

Hello - see Gemvision


I thought it was a Rhino plugin

Hi - it is a Rhino plug-in but it’s not developed by McNeel.
Most 3rd party developers have their own channels for support.

Can’t anyone but a Rhino expert answer an easy question?

Hello - sorry, unfortunately we do not have access to Rhino Gold and really have no idea how it works. I suggest editing the topic to include ‘Rhino Gold’ and maybe someone with experience will notice it and come to the rescue.


In the same way it works like Rhino!

Hi @kaisimola
Contact the support team for Rhino Gold . rhinogold@gemvision.com
Send them the license key and the version number. You will get a response within 24 hours.