3d grid distortion / attractor point on curve 3d grid

I didn’t find a way to produce an attraction point inside a 3d grid that changes the grid when it moves on curve. There is a lot of tutorials about 2d grid, I don’t understand how to do it in 3d. Thanks for the help

This topic might help…

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The edge damping (white group) can be minimized or ignored. As I recall, this might work better with Nurbs curves instead of IntCrv?

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2021-06-10 17-54-48.2021-06-10 18_08_23

It can be done like this! No plug-ins or add-ons needed. :slight_smile:

3d_grid_attractor_v1.gh (19.8 KB)


this is great! Exactly what needed. thanks for the help

Swapped inputs to Vec2Pt to “squeeze” instead of expand near the attractor point. Also used Nurbs curves instead of IntCrv and added three NetSurf components to get three sets of surfaces from these curves.

nurbs grid_2021Jun10a.gh (43.0 KB)

There is a known error in this code… The RecGrid ‘Ex’ and ‘Ey’ inputs must have the same value. :thinking:

Simple fix: Version ‘C’ (‘Ex’ and ‘Ey’ values can be different) Added CONTRACT/ EXPAND switch (Value List) instead of re-wiring.

nurbs grid_2021Jun10c.gh (46.1 KB)

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3d attractor.gh (20.3 KB)

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