2D Spiral step size


Is there a method or simple calculation method how to know the step size of the spiral?
I would like to find a method to specify not the number of turns in a spiral but the step size following this method:

Curve spiral = NurbsCurve.CreateSpiral(Cir.Center, Cir.Plane.Normal, Cir.PointAt(0), 0,turns, Cir.Radius, Cir.Radius * 0.05);

By step size I mean this width:

Wouldn’t your step size be related to the starting and ending radius along with the number of turns? ie: step = (EndRad -StrtRad)/turns

So if you want step size to be one of your specified variables you would need to also specify either start or end radius and then pre-calculate your other radius from those.

Or else I didn’t really understand what you were asking.

It is exactly this, thank you.